Rotary International

Inspection by Rotary International, 14-17 August 2017


Through the efforts of Rotary Poland and Warsaw Convention Bureau at the Warsaw Tourism Office, Warsaw is competing to host the Rotary International Convention in 2023, 2024 or 2025. It was announced during this year’s Rotary International Convention in Atlanta that Warsaw advanced to the final stage of the competition together with a select group of other candidate cities. Because of that, our city was visited on 14-17 August by a Rotary delegation who came to inspect Warsaw as a candidate city.

Warsaw hosted 6 Rotary inspectors from the Site Selection Team. Our guests visited the PGE Narodowy Stadium which is slated to be the main venue for the convention. They also met with Michał Olszewski, Deputy Mayor of Warsaw, and with the Directors of the Economic Development Department, the Mobility Policy & Public Transport Department, and the Public Transport Authority in Warsaw. In order to make Warsaw’s bid more attractive, the Municipality agreed to grant free public transport to the convention participants. Two meetings were also held with the Host Organization Committee to discuss the organizational and budget issues in detail.

The inspectors paid also a visit to the Palace of Culture and Science, POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews, the Teatr Wielki – Polish National Opera and many other venues where convention-related events could take place. The guests assessed also the offer of Novotel and Hilton hotels, two of many operating in Warsaw, in which the convention participants could find accommodation.

The Rotary International Convention is an annual event which attracts tens of thousands of Rotarians from all over the world. Organizing this event in Warsaw means that our city and the country would be visited by about 30,000 Rotary members. The convention serves mainly as a major and direct boost for the local economy. It lasts 5 days, but its international participants spend on average a total of 10 days at a given hosting destination. The estimated value of accommodation booked in Warsaw for the main 5-day event only is expected to exceed PLN 41 million. However, the Rotary International Convention is in the first place a unique opportunity to promote Warsaw and build its recognition. The Rotary International members come from wealthy and influential circles, and with their high social status and comfortable financial situation, they involve themselves in philanthropy and charity activities. One of the major projects of Rotary International is “End Polio Now” under which private contributions amounting to USD 1.2 million enabled to vaccinate over 250,000 children against polio and to eradicate this dangerous disease in 98% globally. The most renowned and active Rotarians include such individuals as Bill Gates, George W. Bush, Angela Merkel and Pope Francis. The 1,200,000 Rotarians all over the world form an excellent group of future ambassadors of Warsaw as a modern, dynamic and beautiful city with rich history and strong economic potential.

The winners of the competition will be announced this October.