The National Museum in Warsaw

The National Museum in Warsaw was founded in 1862 as a Museum of Fine Arts – one of the oldest art museums in Poland. After getting back its independence in 1918 the National Museum got an important place in the plans of the new country and its capital – Warsaw. Modernistic building where museum is located was built in 1927-1938. Today the collections of National Museum of Warsaw are over 830 thousand pieces of art from Poland and not only, from antiquity to present times and within those are paintings, sculptures, drawings and photographs and also objects of common use. Museum has four departments: The Poster Museum in Wilanów, Suclpture Museum of Xawery Dunikowski in Królikarnia, Museum of Interiors in Otwock Wielki and Museum in Nieborów and Arkadia.

The new gallery setting has a task of joining the narrative into a one universal art and culture panorama – from an archeological stadium of antiquity to the classic antiquity and through medieval times newer and modern. The task of the new gallery is to show the heritage of European Civilisation at the same time showing the differences of time and region. The main intention is to create a tale about Polish, European and International art.

• Gallery of Mediterranean Art

• Gallery of European Painting

•  Gallery of Old Polish and European Portrait

• Gallery of XIXth Art

• Gallery of XXth and XXIst Art Galeria

• Faras Gallery

• Gallery of Ancient Art

In preparation: new Gallery of Ancient Art and Design Gallery.


National Museum in Warsaw
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National Museum in Warsaw