Warsaw Museum

Museum of Warsaw is one of the oldest museum institutions. It is the most important centre of our thoughts, research and education about Warsaw. It was brought into life in 1936. Through 80 years it gathered over 300 000 objects connected with the history of the capital. Its activities include research, publishing and exhibiting. It has its own conservating facilities, organizes museum lessons, lectures and scientific conferences. It is a co-organizer of Warsaw Under Construction Festival. There is a cinema functioning in the Museum and a shop with varsavianas. The museum is currently under renovation – its whole interiors at the Old Town 28-42 apart from the renovated basements which will be open to the public. In 2017 the renovated interiors of the Museum will be filled out with an interdisciplinary exposition, an open formula directed to the wide range of recipients. In preparation of this passionate, multi plotted story about Warsaw will take a part city inhabitants, artists, specialists from the field of science, business and culture.

Museum has 10 localisations: Museum of Warsaw, Wola Museum, Praga Museum, Museum of Print, Museum of Field Ordinariate, Pharmacy Museum named after Antonina Leśniewska, Museum – a Palmir Memorial, Centre of Monument Interpretation, Research & Documentation Centre, Barbican.


Museum of Warsaw
Rynek Starego Miasta 28-42, 00-272 Warszawa
tel. +48 22 277 43 00

Museum of Print/ Rynek Starego Miasta 28-42, 00-272 Warszawa
Centre of Monument Interpretation / ul. Brzozowa 11/13, 00-278 Warszawa
Pharmacy Museum named after Antonina Leśniewska / ul. Piwna 31/33, 00-265 Warszawa
Museum of Field Ordinariate / ul. Długa 13/15, 00-238 Warszawa
Wola Museum / ul. Srebrna 12, 00-810 Warszawa
Museum – a Palmir Memorial, 05-152 Czosnów
Research & Documentation Centre / ul. Jaktorowska 6, 01-202 Warszawa
Barbican / ul. Nowomiejska, Warszawa
Praga Museum / ul. Targowa 50/52, 03-733 Warszawa


Logos to download: http://muzeumwarszawy.pl/muzeum/logotyp/

Muzeum Warszawy