Warsaw Rising Museum

How to talk about past so that the message will be clear, real, true and will reach the modern recipient? This questions has to be asked by everyone who deals with the topic of historic expositions and the ones showing the tales of XXth century wars and totalitarisms. Creators of Warsaw Rising Museum had to face it as well. We thought that we need to merge history with modernity, a place of memories with modern ways of presentation so that the events from 60 years ago will stay in the national consciousness.

For the museum to be modern we took the knowledge from abroad and museums like: Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, Terror Museum in Budapest. We would like to show the climate of the past, show the atmosphere of the uprising Warsaw and show not only the 63 days of fights but the life of the civil inhabitants. Only in that way the target group can be reached, and this means young people. It has to tell the story of the Uprising in all its aspects and show its sense.


Warsaw Rising Museum
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Warsaw Uprising Museum