Ursi Gass

URSI GASS – International Union of Radio Science General Assembly & Scientific Symposium


The International Union of Radio Science General Assembly brings together some 1500 people for 4 days.

The initiative to bring this event to Warsaw came from EXPO XXI Warsaw, with Prof. Józef Modelski, PhD DSc., head of the Department of Radiocommunications at the Institute of Radioelectronics and Multimedia Techniques of the Warsaw University of Technology, serving as the ambassador of our city. Warsaw’s application received also support from Michał Olszewski, Deputy Mayor of Warsaw. The Polish capital advanced to the second stage of the competition, in effect of which we were invited to present the city during this year’s URSI convention in Montreal on 19-26.08.2017. Our delegation included Prof. Józef Modelski, Anna Górska from EXPO XXI, and Mateusz Czerwiński, Director of the Warsaw Convention Bureau. In the race to host the event, Warsaw competes against Rome, Sapporo and Singapore.

This year’s competition of destinations was won by Rome, then the event will move to Sapporo in the following year, and Warsaw Convention Bureau has started to work on bringing the next edition of the event to Warsaw. We are also very pleased to inform that Prof. Modelski joined the ranks of the Polish Congress Ambassadors. He received a certificate of appreciation during this year’s Polish Congress Ambassadors’ Gala held on 14th September 2017 in Cracow.